ALO 24, Alo 24 Adalet, Alo 24 Kınıklı, Alo 24 Didim, Alo 24 Kuşadası, Alo 24 Kuşadası Marina

Izgaralar, Dürümler, Kiremitteler, Salatalar, Ara Sıcaklar, Tatlılar, Dönerler

Çorbalar, Kahvaltılıklar, Pideler, Lahmacunlar, Pizzalar, Kebaplar, Çocuk Menü

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  • Alo 24 Aegean's 22-year-old classic
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Didim 2. Şube Didim Kuşadası Kuşadası Marina Kınıklı Adalet

About Us

ALO 24

Pearl of the Aegean Alo 24;As Alo 24 Restaurant, we continue to serve in many regions of Kuşadası and Denizli after Didim. We are proud to be the only address for the tastes sought in the Aegean Region with our current 6 branches.
Located in the most special neighborhoods of Didim, Kuşadası and Denizli, we offer an easy-to-access taste experience.
We continue to serve with years of experience.
For more than a quarter of a century, we are happy to host you, our esteemed guests, with the freshest and most delicious meals every day. The secret of our success is not only our food, but also your satisfaction.
We always strive for you to have a good time and experience unique tastes, and we are working towards this goal.

Experience the unique flavors of Alo 24.

With our wide menu options, we serve at all hours of the day with our delicacies from the masters, and at the same time, you can taste the flavors of Alo 24 wherever you are with our package service.